Kung Fu Kenny


I have no idea who made this but I want it on a shirt. I'm not sure if any of you are kendrick fans. I personally am a HUGE kendrick lamar fan. If you haven't listened to him I highly recommend you do. His lyrics are very strong and his style is very different than a lot of the rappers today. As you may have noticed they all rap about the same irrelevant things... Kendrick however, raps about politics, life, religion and more. If you like jazz you should listen to his album To Pimp a Butterfly, it has a lot of jazz/ political rap. His lyrics are absolute poetry. Give him a listen :) you won't regret it. His latest album DAMN. is something I can listen to in the gym while I'm working out.. it gets me pumped up. His song Backseat freestyle is also something i like to listen to in the gym. Sooo this is my first time doing one these posts....I guess what i'll be doing is posting cool images and just writing about them. I like collecting unique images I find on the internet so i might as well display my collection :) (i have collected a lot of images over the years). I'll also be sharing some of the projects that i am working on with you/ my creative process. Comment your favorite kendrick album, verse, and song. I'd love to hear em!


And if you haven't ever listened to him look at the video below and tell me what you think.