This piece is inspired by all the beautiful, confident, and empowered women all over the world who wear the hijab despite the racist comments, death stares and mistreatment. I can’t help but also acknowledge the struggle of many women in countries such as Iran as they stand up against strict hijab laws.

In the West, we have women who get treated unfairly and get categorized as “terrorists” for choosing to wear the hijab. In the East, there are women in countries such as Iran who are forced to cover up and wear a hijab.

This painting is my way of honoring all women all over the world.



I walk into a coffee shop and I’m waiting in line. I see a girl wearing a hijab in front of me getting stares from everyone in the shop. Even the cashier was rude to her. I look around and see that nobody is staring at me. It was my turn to order and the cashier was extremely friendly to me.

What is the difference between me and her?

She CHOOSES to cover her hair with a scarf. I don’t. That’s it.

We were both there for the same reasons. She is a student. I am student. She got a latte. I got ice coffee.  


The hijab is something very sacred to many Muslim women all over the world. My mother wears a Hijab. It breaks my heart to think that anyone would ever look at my mother any differently just because she has a scarf covering her hair. Of course, she doesn't notice the stares and the rude cashiers when we go out, however, I do.

If you observe the painting enough you'll notice that these four women wearing the hijab are floating. They aren't standing on any grounds. The reason for this is because throughout art history we have seen human figures transition from floating to being more grounded and humanistic. I made them floating because it symbolizes 

spirituality. I also have 3 gold dividers. In history gold has always been a symbol of royalty and wealth. Also gold is very common in the Islamic culture. 

The different elements that make up this painting:


Starting from the left, is the COMPLIMENTARY Color section that I painted. Complimentary colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. Green and red. Yellow and Violet. Blue and Orange. When you put two colors together that are opposite from each other on the color wheel they vibrate.  I chose to do green and red because by mixing the two colors I would be able to get a brown for the skin tone. Every color in this section is made from complimentary colors (GREEN AND RED) plus white.


Second from the left is the IMPASTO section. Impasto is one of my favorite kind of painting. Impasto paintings have texture because of the use of thick paint. For this section I used oil paint on her face, scarf and hair. For the background I just dabbed thick acrylic paint on the wood with my palate knife.


The third sections style is MONOCHROMATIC. Which means only using one color and adding white and/or black.


For the last section of this painting I dud the ANALOGOUS style. Analogous colors are neighboring colors on a color wheel. For the section I chose to do Red, Violet Red, and Violet. Every color in this section is red, violet red, and/ or violet with white added.